Stained: Chapter One

June 24, 2010 by
Chapter One

Iroaku stepped out of the cramped, stinky train and into the hot humid summer afternoon. His pale skin started to bead with sweat. In the background, a woman’s voice is faintly heard prompting the passengers of the next stop, floating over the ambient noises of people and moving trains.

F@#$ it’s hot Iroaku thought to himself as he steadily walked towards the stairway to get to the bottom floor, rotating his torso from side-to-side to avoid shoulder checking people and exchanging sweat.

Right when he got to the first step, somthing shimmered in the corner of his eye and caught his attention. It was a titanium brief case snugged right between two coffee vending machines. Curious, Iroaku took two sidesteps to his right and squated down to take a closer look at the brief case. Fancy brief case, who the hell would forget something like this. Iroaku noticed something etched into the surface of the brief case right under the steel black handle. He tilted his head, trying to see what it read. After a moment of gazing at the characters, his eyes bulged with shock and his body suddenly became erect and frozen. He could feel his heart thumping faster and faster and his breathing quickening.
F@#$, I need to get out of here. And so Iroaku sprung to his feet and hurried out of the station as quickly as he could, taking the brief case with him.

“Target picked up the package. Over.”

“Roger that, I’ll let Central know. Over.”

“I’m heading back to HQ. Over.”

“Roger that. Over.”


Dear Mackenzie: Chapter II

June 19, 2010 by

~Chapter II~

***|The God’s Aren’t Done With You Just Yet|***

Like an intangible blob of dense, transparent matter, Audrey’s soul drifted to where it wanted to be most, by the side of his dying wife. The soul possesses no logic or autonomy but bears with it its most precious emotional feeling. As if a lost ship drifting in the endless void of the vast sea, the soul will move towards the beacon of light beaming in the distance. Audrey’s soul slowly drifts towards Mackenzie’s warmth and love; leaving behind the shell which once it occupied and flowing through the air with the clouds like an invisible dove finding its way home.

Suddenly, without warning, a vacuum-like-pull stops Audrey’s soul dead in its tracks; momentarily frozen in the sky like the twinkling stars up above. Then, in an extraordinary flash of blinding white light, a muffled scream began emanating from all directions. The screaming began gaining clarity and intensity within this blinding white void. And within a snap of the fingers, Audrey’s senses came back to life and the screaming rung through the air like a deafening bull horn. It took Audrey time to comprehend that he was the one screaming and when his body finally flushed every ounce of air left in his lungs, he immediately gasped for air as if he almost drowned.  But the air never seemed to find its way back. Still gasping for air like a fish out of water, his eyes rolled back into his skull and everything suddenly went black.

The scent of green tea incense burning stuffed the room like a thick smoke. A man sitting crossed-legged on a velvet red cushion was in deep meditation. He wore a clean silk robe that was colored golden yellow like the ancient sun. The room was illuminated with a hundred candles; giving it an eerie glow which seemed to create an aura surrounding this holy man. Half naked, Audrey’s body revealed a score of bluish-black bruises, scars, and scabs. It riddled his body like a malignant disease. The holy man was in the process of healing Audrey. Using the power of his focused thoughts, he began metaphysically reconstructing Audrey’s body back to a healthy state. Audrey’s full recovery was eminent for when he woke up, what the holy man will reveal to him will forever change his destiny and fate. Whoever said destiny was written in stone possessed a weak a soul.

*Author’s notes:

Okay, so this chapter was super short because I have no idea where I want it to go just yet and so for the time being, it’s very very open ended as you can tell by the last two sentences of the chapter. Hopefully I’ll have a dream that’ll spark my creativity and imagination and will help me think of a good story line. In the time being, this is all I can come up with. That’s it for now, next chapter should be done within two weeks. *fingers crossed*

Dear Mackenzie

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~Dear Mackenzie~

.:Written for dearest friend, Jellayrei:.

***|Chapter 1: All Seems Lost|***

A man covered in a tattered cloak and carrying an antique oil lantern prowls the cold, windy night. The flame barely stays alight as he pushes against the forceful wind and knee deep snow. He whispers to himself through his frozen lips and snow-crusted moustache,

“Mackenzie, I’ll save you for sure, don’t you worry my love.”

After nearly a thousand miles of torture from the bitter and merciless weather, he finally reached his only hope, the only person who could save him from the evil he has been cursed with. This savior lived in solitude and isolation in order to cleanse their soul from the impurities that all humans are born with. Reaching this state of purity takes nearly a millennium of skilled meditation.

The traveling man’s body was aching as if billions of needles slowly seeped deeper and deeper into every inch of his flesh and his lungs were burning as if the atmosphere was made of gaseous chlorine. The only thing that has kept him moving forward and allowed him to cheat death every single day during his journey was the thought of his wife. His dear Mackenzie.   Her warm, comforting smile could melt away any pain, fear, guilt, or remorse a soul has been cursed with. Her eyes saturated with the purist of blue. Like a deep, calming ocean that could lull your every senses to tranquility. Her eyes of sincere sympathy and understanding could not be matched by anyone on this Earth. His precious Mackenzie. He’d give up his very own life to preserve such a divine being for she possessed the potential to be the only human-being to save this entire world from the grips of evil that has been running rampant for centuries.

Ever since the sun has been blocked from an enormous volcano explosion centuries ago, the world slowly turned into a bitter, lifeless, and barren place. And so did the people. Countless number of people had died because of wars over scarce resources and the fear of their species’ imminent extinction.

Forcing every fiber of his being, the man excruciatingly crawled toward the entrance of this weathered tavern. The tavern was constructed of black oak, a type of tree that resulted from genetic experiments to create plants that did not rely on photosynthesis but was able to dissolve every tissue of a human carcass as its sole means of nutrients. This black oak in particular has a characteristic repulsive odor of dried flesh and is extremely light yet stronger than steel due to its unique carbon double-helix structure.

The tavern had no windows, a flat roof, and just a single door with a golden Griffin door knocker. When the traveler finally reached the doorway, he wasted no time, forcing himself onto his feet and immediately grasped the large handle and knocked three times. He waited what seemed like hours before knocking three times again, this time using all the strength he had left in his arms to produce a louder knock.

“Please!!! Hear me!!”

“It’s Audrey!!”

“I really need your help! Mackenzie is dying!! And I don’t have much time left. Pleease open up!!”


With his deep violet-colored hand still clutching the handle, he let his knee crumple under the weight of his body. His head smacked the door in defeat as tears began flowing endlessly down his frozen face, which quickly froze and created streaks of glitter running down the sides of his cheeks. His voice began to crackle and copious amounts of vapor flowed painfully out from his lungs with great sadness. The man sobbed and allowed all his anxiety, fears, and burnt hopes flow out with no hindrance.

Suddenly, a torrent of anger shot up through his mind and body like an erupting volcano, ready to spew out its deadly molten lava, he knocked the door like a mad man. Yelling, screaming, and knocking.

His desperation could be heard by no one. His pain was muffled by the howling of the blizzard wind and hidden by the veil of thick snow.

“I failed you.”

He said through tears as he tried to speak with a nose stuffed with frozen snot and saliva dripping from his mouth like a rabid animal.

“Please forgive me, love.”

“Please forgive this big ol’fool of yours.”

He chuckled light-heartedly as he exhaled his last breath and collapsed into darkness.

The snow kept falling and the wind kept shrieking. Not a single soul could hear this man’s last cry. The lantern beside his frozen body flickered vigorously and just like that, extinguished into a puff of smoke and dispersed into the cold, bitter night.

The Ghost Detective’s Story: Kiyomi

June 10, 2010 by

.:Yurei the Ghostly Story Teller:.

Dedicating This Piece to my Co-Author Azureseele


~Mini-Chapter 1: Kiyomi~


Two girls were stretching their legs on the blacktop at Kansai Middle School for Girls, they were getting ready to join in a game of tag. One of the girls was quite small and thin, she had a eerie aura about her. Her hair was only shoulder length but her eyes were almost completely hidden because she had grown out her bangs in order to hide a large scar on her face. The other girl was the tall sporty type. Her hair was in a neat ponytail and she had eyes that were bright and aware.

Yurei, the shorter one didn’t particularly like or dislike tag. She wasn’t especially slow nor was she markedly fast. On the other hand Usagi, Yurei’s best friend, loved tag because her long legs allowed her to run very fast.

“Hey Usagi, did you know that they found another body in the river this morning?” Yurei asked while they stretched.

“It’s scary isn’t it?” Usagi said “and she was from our school again wasn’t she.”

“Yup,” Yurei said, nodding her head “this area has been getting dangerous lately, thats what my parents said.”

“Did the killer take her legs too?” Usagi asked in a hushed voice.

Yurei grinned and nodded again. Brushing her bangs out of her eyes, she revealed the crescent shaped scar that cut through the center of her face, circling her left eye.

Usagi stood there, rooted to the spot by the sinister aura being emitted by the diminutive girl.

“Sounds like a horror story worth telling!” Yurei said in an excited whisper.

At these words Usagi drew a sharp breath.  Her eyes widened with fear and anticipation as Yurei began crafting a tale, her words engulfed the two of them, covering them like vultures descending on a fresh kill.


4 years ago at Kansai Middle School for Girls, there was a girl named Kiyomi who had a very beautiful upper body. Arguably the most beautiful in all of Japan. However her legs were a terrible sight that caused her to be ridiculed by everyone, even her classmates and family.

Everyday Kiyomi wished that she could rid herself of her disgusting legs. If it weren’t for these legs, Kiyomi thought to herself, my life would be a hundred– no a thousand times better.


“Wishes can come true in strange ways,” Yurei said nodding importantly.

“What happened?” Usagi asked wide-eyed, her voice barely a whisper.

“You know those railroad tracks that run through the woods behind our school?” Yurei asked, pointing in the general direction.

Usagi nodded fearfully.


The other children at the school often teased Kiyomi about her legs, some of the crueler children even threw stones at her or hit her. When this happened Kiyomi would often run out into the woods behind Kansai Middle School to hide from the world. On one such day as she was running she tripped on the railroad tracks and hit her head. For quite some time Kiyomi lay on the railroad tracks unconscious, a little while later a passing train granted Kiyomi’s wish parting her legs from her body. Kiyomi bled to death alone in the forest.


“And to this day Kiyomi’s ghost still haunts these grounds taking the legs of pretty students for her own use,” Yurei said finally, “KIND OF LIKE YOURS!!!”

At this Yurei jumped and latched onto Usagi’s left leg. Usagi shrieked loudly, causing the other students who had stopped to listen to the story to jump back. It appeared that Yurei’s story had captivated the entire blacktop.

“What do you think,” Yurei asked, affectionately rubbing her face up against Usagi’s leg like a cat craving its owners attention, “was it a good story?”

“I think,” Usagi said, as she tried to pry her friend away from her leg “that we better walk home together until they catch the killer. Meet me at the front gate after school today.”

“Whatever you like,” Yurei said still clamped tightly onto Usagi’s leg. Then the two of them went off to join in the game of tag that had already long since started.


By the end of the day, Yurei’s tale of horror caused wild rumors to run rampant throughout the school. As Usagi walked through the school she saw evidence of people having heard Yurei’s story everywhere.

“Every so often the murderer has to kill someone to get fresh legs!” one girl said.

“I heard that the murderer has no legs” another girl said “and she always chooses those with the most beautiful legs.”

“If you hear a ‘thump-sha thump-sha’ type sound thats her sneaking up behind you,” yet another girl said.

Throughout the day the rumors kept getting wilder and wilder. As Usagi was leaving the classroom to go meet up with Yurei she heard one terrified girl exclaim,

“If you hear her coming up behind you don’t turn around, if you meet her gaze you will be killed!”


Yurei was rushing towards the front gate, she was a little late meeting up with Usagi. But Usagi always waited patiently, she was used to Yurei being late at everything now.

Huffing and puffing Yurei approached the school gates. However the area was abandoned and desolate.

“Usagi?” Yurei called out into the darkness. She paused and waited for a reply, but appart from the chirping of crickets she heard nothing.

“Uuusaaagiiii,” she called again, still there was no response.  Yurei waited for her friend for another half-hour but she never came, in the end Yurei went home alone.


~Mini-Chapter 2: The Rabbit’s Disappearance ~


Usagi wasn’t at school the next day either. Apparently she never returned home last night and her parents had filed a missing persons report.

Being Usagi’s best friend all of Yurei’s classmates gathered around to hear about what had happened. Yurei began telling her story, her words bringing the event to life in everyone’s mind. As soon as Yurei finished speaking the last word the classroom exploded with speculation.

“Oh no, poor Usagi!” one girl wailed.

“Do you think she’s alright?” another girl asked.

“Maybe Kiyomi got her!” a third girl shouted. At this remark the classroom broke out in chaos.

Yurei carefully surveyed her classmates considering each one carefully. When Yurei told a story it always planted a seed of fear in the hearts of all that heard it. In the minds of people her stories changed lies to truth– fiction to fact. Therefore the one who showed the most dread was the one who knew the truth but at the same time feared the alternative truth that Yurei created through her stories.

Through the chaos, Yurei saw the culprit. In her mind the gears were turning, her story was evolving into a tale of pure horror. The taste of the new story on her tongue caused Yurei to grin a grin that could have made the grim reaper drop dead.


~Mini-Chapter 3: The Sickly Girl’s Beautiful Legs~

Recommended Background Music for This Section: Run Devil Run by Girl’s Generation


After school that day, instead of heading home, Yurei went into the woods behind the school. She waited close to the railroad tracks that she had mentioned in her story. As the sun was setting she saw the silhouette of another girl approaching.

“Good afternoon Chiasa,” Yurei said to the silhouette.

Chiasa was in the same class as Yurei and Usagi. Though she was quite a pretty girl, she often got picked on by the other girls because she was sickly and frail.

“Would you like to hear a scary story?”

Chiasa said nothing, Yurei’s words seemed to wrap around Chiasa like a snake squeezing the air from her body.

“This story is dedicated to Chiasa,” Yurei said brushing her bangs out of her eyes once again revealing the scar on her face.

Yurei stared Chiasa in the eyes and began to tell her story.


There was once a weak, frail girl. Illness made her beautiful legs very weak, and so when her class all went out to play tag she always got picked on and laughed at. The girl loathed her classmates for tormenting her.

I will destroy those legs which my classmates are so proud of… the girl thought hatefully. And so everyday she would chose the fastest strongest of her classmates and would bring them out into the woods behind the school, kill them, and burn their legs.


“But the frail girl didn’t know that she was being watched,” Yurei said.

“By who?” Chiasa gasped covering her mouth with her hands.


Kiyomi who still haunted the woods did not approve. So many beautiful legs were going to waste, the legs that should be hers.

Kiyomi would not allow this to continue, she also noticed that though very weak, the sickly girl’s legs were very beautiful.


“So one day when the sickly girl came out to the woods Kiyomi dragged her legless body after her.”

“NO, no one followed me! no one followed me….” Chiasa moaned as if trying to convince herself “I didn’t hear anyone.”

“The girl’s heartbeat drummed loudly in her ears, she didn’t hear Kiyomi coming up behind her,” Yurei continued ignoring Chiasa’s outburst “Thum-shh Thump-shh Thump-shh. ‘Your beautiful legs, give them to me…’ Kiyomi said. Thump-shh Thump-shh.”

The sound echoed in Chiasa’s ears. Thump-shh Thump-shh. Chiasa was rooted to the spot, the rhythmic sound.

“You should run away,” Yurei whispered into Chiasa’s ear.

Chiasa wanted to, but she couldn’t. She was trapped by the cage that Yurei’s mesmerizing words had created.

“What about Usagi’s legs?” Chiasa said “She can take those! They’re healthier and prettier than mine!”

“Where is she?” Yurei asked.

“I’m actually right here,” Usagi said walking out from behind some nearby bushes.

The sudden appearance of another person was enough to make Chiasa faint.

“She’s not very good at tying people up,” Usagi noted pointing to Chiasa.

“If she’s so bad at it, why’d you wait so long to come back?” Yurei replied smirking.

“Okay not that good, but still decent, I guess I am pretty lucky… It’s all ‘cuz I got these lucky rabbit’s feet!” Usagi said, wiggling her feet “Anyways I’m hungry lets go home.”

Yurei and Usagi left the forest together leaving Chiasa behind with Kiyomi.

.:The End:.

Authors Notes:

Okay so first off I totally wrote this without informing my co-author, so that way it’d be a surprise to everyone! (Maybe he’ll surprise me with a story too?) A couple notes about this piece. First off I completely and totally stole the story structure from Kiben Gakuha but since I think most of you guys hadn’t read it so the story should stay interesting enough… In case anyone is wondering about the rabbit comments, Usagi = Rabbit in Japanese, so that’s whats up with that.

My sentences and paragraphs are a little messed up, the grammar is probably a nightmare because most of the times when I was writing this I also happened to be dead tired but I hope that it was an enjoyable piece none the less. I don’t think it’s as well written as my other piece but in some aspects it is more interesting.

My goal in this piece was to experiment with some new genre’s outside of the futuristic action fantasy that I’ve been writing. I decided that horror might be an interesting place to start. My goal was to write something that would scare the daylights out of young children, but young adults would find interesting and thrilling, I don’t know how successful I was in that but I hope it was fun for everyone to read.

The ending might have been a little anti-climatic I might write an alternative one if some better ideas come to me in the future. Right now I kind of just wanted to wrap it up and get it posted to see what people think.

Okay that’s all I have for now, please leave me a comment. Praise, flaming, bashing, constructive criticism, whatever will all be read with extreme enthusiasm. If the results were completely obvious and boring and you felt like you just wasted 10 minutes of your life then say so. I’m really curious as to what everyone thinks.

Thanks for reading!

Working on Stuff…..

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Hi all I’m a little busy right now (I’m in Taiwan… doing stuff……) but I hopefully am going to get my hands on a camera by the end of this week and I’m hopefully going to produce some new materials sometime soon and so when I get the chance I’ll (hopefully) photograph them and put them up and whatnot… A lots been happening in my life lately so we’ll see how things turn out….


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there’s really nothing to update…

And I like how the length of our posts become progressively shorter and shorter. Brings a tear to mine eyes.

Practice this week

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Unfortunately this week I was swamped in terms of school work so I didn’t get to do my weekly practice but next week I’ll be back on track. (and I did do some gesture drawing during class so I’ll let that slide as my practice for this week. I’ll upload it when I get my hands on a scanner.)

Story part One

February 21, 2010 by

Our story starts off with a little girl who lives in a rural part of the country, with vast stretches of meadows and forests. One day she meets another little boy and they become close friends. One day, while exploring the woods, they come across this old decaying piano. Strange, the little girl thought, why on Earth is a piano sitting in the middle of the forest! The little boy, however, with the slightest grin on his face, begins to play the piano. The girl was pleasantly surprised that the boy could play this grand piece of instrument, and oddly enough, the piano sounded like it belonged inside a crowded concert hall and not in some place where rain, tree sap, and bird droppings could ruin such a fine piece of instrument. The song the little boy played was so soothing and relaxing that the girl fell asleep. And when she woke up, she found herself in her princess bed, cuddled by her stuffed animals.

Sorry for the lateness!

February 21, 2010 by

Bleeh, so these sketches made by Jellayrei were suppose to be posted weeks ago! I blame my laziness as well as my tiredness from school and work. Anywho, Jellayrei sketched like 5 pages of ideas! Before I thought it was only like one or two but seriously, my mind has been going blank lately. I took pictures of the ones I thought would convey a good sense of the “evolution” of our  main female character, from being a serious, dark character to a happy, talkative klutz (maybe, I just made that up off the top of my head). So yeah, we totally did a one eighty with her character because we weren’t sure if the story was going to be one of those serious action style mangas or a comedic romance story with action in it! Needless to say, I think it’s heading more towards the latter. Well, enjoy the sketches for now! I’ll try to update the blog with more plot and character ideas. Stay tuned!

Back to Square One

February 18, 2010 by

Azureseele and I started this blog about a week ago as a co-op blog when I asked him if he wanted to write a Co-op blog with me.

For this blog what we decided that we wanted to do is write basically stories for comics and post them on here. The one we’re working on right now is B♭m7 which I am hopeful that the first chapter will be up at the end of next month!

Right now we’re still working on character designs and the story…

As I was drawing the character designs for our main character I noticed that I seemed to have digressed a lot. Wondering how I could improve I recalled something that my first mentor and close friend told me a long time ago when I first started drawing in high school. At the time I was looking at pictures and just reproducing them on my own paper…

When I showed them to my mentor who asked to see my work, I told him that it wasn’t real art since I had copied it.

What he told me was that when learning how to draw, copying was a good place to start. Due to my digression in drawing skill since then I have decided to, in addition to working on the characters my co-author and I are developing, copy two panels out of Bakuman per week so I can hopefully pick up some useful techniques to use in Azureseele and my endeavors.

That being said; I also feel like it’s necessary for me to mention that even though I am working to improve my drawing, the main focus of this blog isn’t the drawing but rather the stories!

For today I chose a small panel out of Bakuman ch 71.

Bakuman Ch 71 page 14